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AnchorPoint is located in a small fisherman village called Vila Praia de Âncora, in the north of Portugal. It’s a small villa with a big and nice beach with a little seaport. AnchorPoint is placed right in front of the beach (you may just have to, literally, cross the road), so we offer the best conditions. You can enjoy a beautiful view over the beach and watch the sea conditions.


Vila Praia de Âncora which in English means "Anchor Beach City".Is a small fishing and tourist town situated near the Spanish border in the Northern Portugal.This town have marvellous beaches and beautiful landscapes as well as its numerous monuments with exceptional history. The village activities are normally based on tourism. It's ambient and cultural heritage, handicraft, aquatic sports, fishery and a specific gastronomy tradition will definitely make you enjoy to stay in Vila Praia de Âncora.In some days when the weather is not approppriate to go to the beach you can visit the Vila Praia de Ancora's Portinho and watch the fishermens preparing the boats and the nets to search the fish on the sea, or enjoy walking or cycling in the Ecovia of Atlantic. In Vila Praia de Ancora there is also the Children's Beach which has perfect conditions for childrens, here the young people can play, swim, run and jump.